D A V E   D R U M

C   i   n   e   m   a   t   o   g   r   a   p   h   y


Broadcast Programs: D.P. or Camera, selected credits (1975 to present)


Your Inner Fish.   Three-episode science series,  Windfall Films, London for PBS.  Berkeley sequences. 

Through the Wormhole.  Discovery science series produced by Morgan Freeman and The Incubator.

Piers Morgan Life Stories.  Patrick Stewart Interview,  Brian Leckey, Director

Ultimate Restorations.  Segments ofCangarda & The Illions Supreme Carousel, Terry Strauss, Director

Rock and Roll Band.  BBC Music Entertainment.  Sam Bridger, Director.

Ancient X Files.  Wag TV for National Geographic.

Sugar.  60 Minutes Australia.  Jo Townsend, Producer

 “UP” & Pixar Animation,   Wired Communications, UK

Penn & Teller Show, Seymore K. Learly Productions,  Showtime.

A Bridge Too Far.  David Brown Productions.  No. California Emmy Award.

Antiques Roadshow.  Segment for BBC Series “Priceless Antiques.”

Jane Pauley Show.  Sleep Disorders.  Stanford Sleep Center.  NBC

Anatomy of a Shark Bite.  Ernie Kovac segment.  Discovery.  Sue Houghton, Director.

Unsolved History. “Donner Party”, “Roswell”, “Suicide Bombers”.  Discovery.  Termite Art. Prod.

Panorama--Seroxat 3.  Andrew Bell, Producer.  BBC   

Monk.  USA & ABC series. “Monk & The Marathon Man.”   Location footage.  Super-16.        

Ruby Wax Show.  “Cowboys”   Comedy show with Ruby Wax and Carrie Fischer for HBO.

Hollywood Greats--Michael Caine.  Pauline Law, Director.  BBC.

Mysteries of the Mind.  Six-part series byBBC Science Department for Learning Channel.

Equinox--Do Parents Matter?  Lion Television for Channel 4, England.  Henry Singer, Director.

Horizon--Mars Update.  Annabel Gillings, Director.  BBC.

Horizon--Cosmology.  One-hour documentary about study of the expanding universe.  BBC.

Horizon Health--Circumcision & AIDS.  Adrian Penning, DirectorBBC

How to Build a Human.  Documentaryfor BBC and Discovery.  Dave Stewart, Director.

You Be The Judge.  Cosgrove Muerer Productions for NBC.

Future Fantastic.  Six-part series on science fiction for BBC & The Learning Channel.

The Solar System.  Four-part series by York Television for The Learning Channel.

Rock Shrines--Jerry Garcia.  Guy Gilbert, Director.  BBC

John Lee Hooker.  Segment for British Music Awards.  Channel Four. Dir./D.P.. 

The Largest Man.  Wall to Wall Television for Channel 4.  Jonathan Dent, Director. 

LSD.  Triage Entertainment for the History Channel.

Exploring the Unknown--Earthquake Predictions.  Triage Entertainment for Fox Family. 

Tomorrow’s World.  Four seasons segments for the BBC’s most popular science series.

It Will Never Work. Six seasons of West Coast segments for this science series for kids.  BBC.

Blue Peter--A Bug’s Life.  John Comerford, Director.  BBC.

Horizon--Agricultural Genetics.  Tessa Livingstone, Producer.  BBC. 16mm.  

Horizon-Star Wars.  Batina Learner, Producer.  BBC .  16mm.

Horizon--Emerging Viruses.  Batina Learner, Producer. 16mm Best Science Documentary-BBC‘92

Horizon--California Dreaming.  John Lynch, Producer.  BBC .

Horizon--San Francisco Earthquake. Mike Barnes, Producer.  BBC.  16mm.

Real World.  MTV series.  Bunim-Murray Productions.  George Verschoor, Bob Fisher,  Directors

Unsolved Mysteries.  San Quentin segment.  Cosgrove Muerer Productions for NBC.  16mm.

A Fine Romance.  ABC series.  Tony Bishop,  Producer.  2nd Unit D.P.  35mm.



Documentary Programs:  


The Faces of Yellowstone.   Educational film about the geological history of Yellowstone National Park.         Sponsored by Conoco and the Yellowstone Museum Association. 16mm. Dir./D.P.

      Gold Award, New York Film Festival

Yellowstone.  One hour travel film for International Video Network and Readers Digest. D.P.       

      Cindy Award--Special Achievement in Cinematography

Mapping the Future.  One-hour science doc for National Science Foundation & University of CA

The Last Tibetan Yogis.  Feature documentary for JEHMFilms, Cincinnati. D.P. 

      Features His Holiness The Dali Lama.

Salt Water Fly Fishing Pioneers.  Interviews for the American Museum of Fly Fishing.  Miracle Prod.

For the Birds. Documentary about artist and scientist collaboration on the Farallon Islands. Dir./D.P.

The Change Makers.  History of the consumer rights movement.  Gary Shepard Productions. D.P.

Emergency 9ll.  Public education tape about statewide emergency system hosted by George Kennedy.

Cumberland.  Documentary for TV about a hospital that specializes in therapies for children and adolescents who have suffered brain injuries or diseases.  Woody Clark Productions. Dir./D.P.

Change of Heart.  PBS program about community voluntarism hosted by Ram Dass.        

      Eric Taylor, Director.

Wellspring.  Film about water quality problems in the Northwest.  Produced for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Montana Water Quality Board.  Dir./D.P.  16mm.

The Pride of the Capital City.  A historical documentary on a Montana landmark. Dir./D.P. 16mm.

The Making of a Texaco Commercial  Advertising & sales tape for Bates Southwest Advertising & Texaco. Dir./D.P.



Educational Programs


California Alliance for Arts Education,  several web programs promoting the use of Title 1 grants for the development of arts programs in America’s schools

Turnaround Principal,  Two programs profiling schools in the Mississippi Delta that have significantly improved performance. WestEd, US Dept. of Education, Group 5 Productions

Lawrence Hall of Science.  Several programs introducing scientists and scientific thought to K-8 students.

      “The Argumentation Toolkit”  NSF Presenter’s Coice Award  Group 5 Productions

Life StepsTen-part series on character development for teens hosted by Michael Pritchard.          

      Jim Watson, Director. Heartland Productions.  PBS   Three camera. D.P.  Gold Telly Award

Peace Talks.  Ten-part series on teenage dilemmas hosted by Michael Pritchard.   Jim Watson, Director.     Heartland Productions.  Three camera.  PBS release. D.P.  CINE Golden Eagle, Teachers’ Choice Award

You Can Choose.  Eight-part series for middle school students featuring Michael Pritchard.  Jim Watson, Director.  Elkind-Sweet Communications.

The Art of Spey Casting.  DVD presenting fly fishing technique.  Miracle Productions.

Childhood--Open University.  Six-part series for BBC.  Marinella Nicholson, Director.

Hackers, The Cult of the Dead Co--Open University.  David Schulman, Director.  BBC.

The Copulation Explosion-Open University.  Amanda Willett, Director.  BBC.

Truckee Water Wars--Open University. Jack Letham, Producer.  BBC.

America in the 20th Century--Open University. Vic Lockwood, Producer.  BBC.

California History.  Fourth-grade curriculum. McGraw-Hill Publishing. D.P.

Physics. High school curriculum.  Nick Despota, Director. Decision Development Corp.  16mm




Commercials & PSAs: Director of Photography                   selected credits


E-Loan. “Negotiator”, “Heloc”, “Good Sense”, “Complicated”, “Auto Loan”.  Spotlogic.  35mm

Meerkat. Commercial for kid’s software.  Shown in Century movie theaters.  Dir./DP.

Dick Butkis.  Spotlogic.  Bruce Hamady, Director.  35 mm.

Heroes in Education. ITT Educational Services featuring Jaime Escalante.  Morningside Movies, N.Y.  35mm 

Anniversary, After Christmas,  New Years, Founder's Day Memorial Day. Twenty regional spots for Breuners. Carol Stone, Director.   35mm.

Charles Schwab.  National spots by Avcom Productions.

Emporium's 93rd Birthday Sale. Commercial by G9 Productions. Jon Lee, Director.  16mm. 

Spy School  Series promo for TechTV.  Che-lan Liew, Director.

Health Insurance, PSAs for Health Care Services Agency by Polaris.  Bill Baines, Director.

Toyota Jump.  Three spots for the Northern California Toyota Dealers by MOJO/MDA.  16mm.

American Dream Ice Cream, three test spots for Bob Hoffman Creative.

Rochester Big & Tall.  Regional fashion spot.  Ultimatte.

Cheryl Crain.  Commercial featuring Lana Turner's daughter for the London Sunday News Express.

Men's Wearhouse.  Seven regional spots.  Ultimatte. 

Lucky's.  Local spot for Bryson Hirschfeld.  

Lenscrafters Testimonials.  Commercial by Creative Communications, Chicago.  

John Madden. National spot for Dimensions, New York City.  David Rathod, Director. 

Y-98--Draw the Line.  Commercial by Rosler Productions, Dallas. 

Locked-out and Todd's Big Laugh. Promos for CSAA for Giantvision at Candlestick Park and Diamondvision at the Oakland Coliseum.  Richard Berkvam, Director.   16mm. 

Warriors. Promo for KPIX.  Rick Felty, Producer.  16mm. 

Bay to Breakers.  Promos by KPIX Creative Services.  Maxine Wong, Director.  16mm. 

Dancers,  Mother. Two PSAs for AIDs Project L.A. and State of California.  Francee Covington   Productions.

Baloney Busters.  PSAs for Cable in the Classroom. Design Media. David Avery, Director.           Ultimatte. 35mm.

Pat Sajak, The Right Time & The Right Place.  Promos for KGO Creative Services. 

Paul Erlich, Nancy Sneiderman. Promos for KPIX. Deb McNaughton, Prod.   16mm/35mm. 

Anna Chavez, Brian Haggerty, Dean Adel.  Several promos for KGO Creative Services.

Seatbelts II.  Dramatic PSA for CSAA.  16mm. Bronze Telly Award.

976.  PSA For Pacific Bell by Shepard Peterson.  Gary Shepard, Director. 

AIDS.  PSA for MTV featuring teenage rap group for California Medical Association.   

Will Clark. Don't drink and drive spot for CSAA.  Richard Berkvam, Director. 16mm.

Southwestern Bell. Three test spots for Ketchum Communications.  Amanda Moody, Producer. 

Control Cat Litter.  Two test commercials for Young & Rubicam by Snazell.  Bill Bayne, Director.   



Arts Programs


Mark Morris Dance.  BBC Arts.  Karen Whiteside, Dir.

Gerhard Richter. South Bank Show.  Granada Television.  Gerald Fox, Director.  Super-16.  

Jasper Johns.  Art in the 20th Century.  BBC Open University.

Romar Berden.  National Gallery of Art.  Carroll Moore, Director.

John Lee Hooker.  Hour biography for German television.  Kick Films, Munich.

The Spirit of 18th Century Dance.  Documentary examining the importance and technique of     Baroque Dance funded by the N.E.A. Dir./D.P.

Beyond the Yellow River: Recent Discoveries from Ancient China. National Gallery of Art.

Dona Francisquita. Spanish opera and dance concert presented at the Jarvis Conservatory in Napa.

      3-camera.  Dir./D.P.

The Saffron Rose. Spanish opera and dance concert presented at the Jarvis Conservatory in Napa.

      3-camera.  Dir./D.P.

A Night In Madrid.  Spanish opera and dance concert presented at the Jarvis Conservatory in Napa.         3-camera. Dir./D.P.

Metamorphosis, The Sound of Music, Coming Home.  Lincoln Center Theater Archive,  NYC



Corporate Clients:  D.P



Time Warner




Bank of America


Charles Schwab

Warner Brothers Records

Hewlett Packard


MGM Grand

Silicon Graphics


Kentucky Fried Chicken





Calif. Chamber of Commerce

Pacific Bell

­Advanced Micro Devices


United Way


 Education:  Stanford University (B.A.,  Communications) and Montana State University